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PhysioEntrust stands as the foremost choice for physiotherapy services in Gurgaon, renowned for our expertise, compassionate care, and proven results. Our team of experienced and highly skilled physiotherapists is committed to delivering personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s unique needs. With a focus on excellence and a dedication to achieving the best outcomes, PhysioEntrust Clinics ensure that every individual receives top-quality care, making us the best physiotherapists in Gurgaon.


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Receive top-quality care from our highly experienced physiotherapists

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Our vision is to become the leading provider of physiotherapy services, dedicated to enhancing the well-being and mobility of our community. We aim to deliver personalized care, innovative treatments, and compassionate support, ensuring every individual achieves optimal health and quality of life.

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Our mission is to provide exceptional physiotherapy services that prioritize patient wellness and mobility. We are committed to offering personalized treatment plans, evidence-based therapies, and compassionate care to help individuals overcome pain and achieve their health goals. Through dedication and expertise, we strive to empower our patients to live active, fulfilling lives.

amazing Patient's Reviews

Happiness on our patient's faces is what drives us. Our motto is "Correct Diagnosis and Pointed Treatment are our prime Focus"
Navjot SandhuNavjot Sandhu
14:23 15 Apr 24
Very professional and experienced doctor. After taking physiotherapy sessions from her I have recovered from back pain. She provides expertise solution to the problem and guides you really well. She is very dedicated and polite person. I highly recommend her if anyone needs a physiotherapist.
Rachna MohanRachna Mohan
00:43 07 Apr 24
I recently visited PhysioEntrust Clinic and was thoroughly impressed with their expertise and professional service.
Saloni AgrawalSaloni Agrawal
05:13 05 Apr 24
I completely satisfied with their services
Gulshan BatraGulshan Batra
11:40 01 Apr 24
Fully equipped clinic with a caring physiotherapist and very good service.
Himani JanghuHimani Janghu
07:02 30 Mar 24
Hello,I came to Physioentrust with a worst situation of cervical and pain. I took therapy sessions here and today my condition is way better than before. The environment here is so comfortable and friendly. Thank you for helping me in recovery.
Mukesh BondhwalMukesh Bondhwal
08:16 29 Mar 24
Where you can trust you doctor by heart.
prabhav bediprabhav bedi
18:56 23 Mar 24
Dr verma is always a shout away, extremely warm and understanding. The physio given was planned well and problem was pretty much resolved within the given frame of time. Thank you!!
Puneet SharmaPuneet Sharma
06:42 22 Mar 24
Highly recommend, Excellent is the first word that come to mind for Dr. Anshul, Very committed, Very dedicated. Thanks for taking care of my Mom 🙏🙏🙏
Anjali ChhetriAnjali Chhetri
17:30 19 Mar 24
I am incredibly grateful for the dedicated care and expertise provided by my physiotherapist throughout my treatment .Great experience here my back pain is almost gone, I now feel much stronger, more mobile and better equipped to maintain healthy lifestyle. Thankyou for helping me regain my well-being.
Rahul KainthRahul Kainth
14:42 16 Mar 24
Well! Initially I was a little skeptical about the PhysioEntrust run by Dr. Anshul but when started her services I was amazed to see the results. Just a little background, my mother was suffering from foot drop after post spine (Laminectomy L4-L5) surgery and could not move/stand. But looks like god was looking at her pain/lack of mobility and made me choose PhysioEntrust. Here, would like to special mention and thanks to Dr. Hemant Dagar, who not only helped her with Physiotherapy (PT) but motivated her to achieve the state she is in now. She is able to walk with stick now and can say 85% recovered from her post surgery situation in nearly 4months of PT. I am quite hopeful that she will be walking and able to do daily chores in another few months. Thank you Dr. Hemant for bringing this big change in my mother's life. You are passionate, calm and honest about your job which is rarely seen these days. If someone looking for any PT help around me, will definitely recommend you. Thanks Again PhysioEntrust!
rajan goswamirajan goswami
05:52 09 Mar 24
If you are looking for physiotherapist then Dr.Anshul is highly recommended for.She is Good Doctor and her treatment helped me a lot. She is very attentive to patient’s needs, and figured out whats the problem was.I Would never consider going to another physiotherapist.
Devendra SinghDevendra Singh
11:23 05 Mar 24
I visited her for frozen shoulder and went through therapy for 5 days. She is a great doctor who will listen to your problems and recommend you the best solution with her extensive experience.
Mangla NagarMangla Nagar
12:04 17 Jan 24
Very experienced doctor, consultant patient very politely and provide effective treatment. I have proximal humerus fracture on the right side, her treatment plan is very effective, she genuinely care about helping you feel better, not just making money, God bless her. I highly recommend Dr. Anshul Verma.👍
Bishesh JandialBishesh Jandial
09:21 26 Dec 23
I'm thrilled to share my experience with an amazing physiotherapist, Dr. Anshul  especially if you're dealing with lower back pain like I was. Not only is she skilled at what she does, but she also makes sure you only do the sessions you really need. What stood out for me is that she genuinely care about helping you feel better, not just making money. If you're dealing with lower back pain and want a physiotherapist who provides personalized care and effective exercises, I highly recommend Dr. Anshul.

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