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PhysioEntrust Clinics is your ultimate choice with best physiotherapists Team in Gurgaon. All Our therapists are skilled professionals and offer personalized care and effective treatment options as per your needs.

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Physiotherapy at Home Enjoy the convenience of physiotherapy at home with us. Our experienced physiotherapists bring quality care to your doorstep, making it easier for you to access treatment and improve your health and well-being.

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Experience top-notch physiotherapy services at our clinic in Gurgaon. Our expert physiotherapists provide personalized care and innovative treatments to help you achieve optimal recovery and mobility.

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Physiotherapy at Home

Enjoy the convenience of physiotherapy at home with us. Our experienced physiotherapists bring quality care to your doorstep, making it easier for you to access treatment and improve your health and well-being.

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amazing Patient's Reviews

Happiness on our patient's faces is what drives us. Our motto is "Correct Diagnosis and Pointed Treatment are our prime Focus"
Sanjay KatweSanjay Katwe
03:45 03 Jun 24
I am incredibly grateful for the dedicated care and expertise provided by my physiotherapist throughout my treatment .Great experience here
Sarthak NageSarthak Nage
03:20 03 Jun 24
This is very beautiful place and I think to go there and get happy.
Rahul ChaudharyRahul Chaudhary
16:39 02 Jun 24
Five stars all the way! PhysioEntrust goes above and beyond to provide exceptional care to their patients. The therapists are not only skilled but also compassionate and supportive. Wouldn't go anywhere else for physiotherapy!
Raju GautamRaju Gautam
15:27 02 Jun 24
The team at PhysioEntrust is simply amazing. They take the time to listen to your concerns and develop personalized treatment plans to address them. Professional, compassionate, and highly effective – couldn't ask for more!
Hariom SinghHariom Singh
15:16 02 Jun 24
I suffered from chronic back pain for years before finding PhysioEntrust. Thanks to their personalized treatment plans and expert care. I'm finally experiencing relief. Grateful for their expertise and support!
Rohan JainRohan Jain
05:22 01 Jun 24
I recently experienced the exceptional services at this place, and I can confidently say it offers the best physiotherapist care. They provide a wide range of therapies, ensuring that every patient’s needs are met. The staff is extremely professional and dedicated, working with you diligently until you fully recover. Choosing a physiotherapist requires careful consideration, and I can assure you that it is the best choice.
Nidhi KediaNidhi Kedia
13:58 28 May 24
Very happy with the services Jyoti has provided, I was having severe pain and she has helped me so much with a lot of patience.
Sarita KajlaSarita Kajla
05:17 24 May 24
Best Physiotherapist....just go for it...
Praveen SarafPraveen Saraf
07:10 23 May 24
Quick support, great heal. Team is doing wonders.
Mohit SakhujaMohit Sakhuja
21:18 21 May 24
Sessions were so Good. Doctor was able to understand the issue and my mother is now in relief. One of the best physiotherapy center i have came across.
Ishwinder SinghIshwinder Singh
13:14 19 May 24
My mother had fell down and strained her shoulder. She visited doctor and took medication for month or so, pain didn't reduce and kept increasing. On advise from doctor for physiotherapy, we reached to Dr Anshul, who heard the case very and advised 7-10 sessions. After completing the course pain almost went away, my mother felt better. I thank Dr Anshul for providing personal care and helped in recovery. I would highly recommend her.
A Krishna KumarA Krishna Kumar
12:06 19 May 24
Extremely great Aura!Nice to get physiotherapy sessions from here, good doctors team and knowledgeable Doctor Anshul. Highly recommended…
Neha UjjwalNeha Ujjwal
04:50 09 May 24
Dr. Anshul Verma is really good and have helped me numerous times in getting relief from my cervical pain and also recently helped me with my hand wrist pain which was really bad. She knows and understands problems of her patients really well.
manish tanejamanish taneja
07:19 04 May 24
Really Good Experience as I got relief from my shoulder pain which I was experiencing from few months.
Lopamudra KashyapLopamudra Kashyap
02:38 27 Apr 24
I opted for Physio therapy at home for my lower back pain. Dr Rishu is professional and his Physio therapy provided much relief. Also the exercises are helpful too. I would recommend it
Navjot SandhuNavjot Sandhu
14:23 15 Apr 24
Very professional and experienced doctor. After taking physiotherapy sessions from her I have recovered from back pain. She provides expertise solution to the problem and guides you really well. She is very dedicated and polite person. I highly recommend her if anyone needs a physiotherapist.
Rachna MohanRachna Mohan
00:43 07 Apr 24
I recently visited PhysioEntrust Clinic and was thoroughly impressed with their expertise and professional service.
Saloni AgrawalSaloni Agrawal
05:13 05 Apr 24
I completely satisfied with their services
Gulshan BatraGulshan Batra
11:40 01 Apr 24
Fully equipped clinic with a caring physiotherapist and very good service.
Himani JanghuHimani Janghu
07:02 30 Mar 24
Hello,I came to Physioentrust with a worst situation of cervical and pain. I took therapy sessions here and today my condition is way better than before. The environment here is so comfortable and friendly. Thank you for helping me in recovery.
Mukesh BondhwalMukesh Bondhwal
08:16 29 Mar 24
Where you can trust you doctor by heart.
prabhav bediprabhav bedi
18:56 23 Mar 24
Dr verma is always a shout away, extremely warm and understanding. The physio given was planned well and problem was pretty much resolved within the given frame of time. Thank you!!
Puneet SharmaPuneet Sharma
06:42 22 Mar 24
Highly recommend, Excellent is the first word that come to mind for Dr. Anshul, Very committed, Very dedicated. Thanks for taking care of my Mom 🙏🙏🙏
Anjali ChhetriAnjali Chhetri
17:30 19 Mar 24
I am incredibly grateful for the dedicated care and expertise provided by my physiotherapist throughout my treatment .Great experience here my back pain is almost gone, I now feel much stronger, more mobile and better equipped to maintain healthy lifestyle. Thankyou for helping me regain my well-being.
Rahul KainthRahul Kainth
14:42 16 Mar 24
Well! Initially I was a little skeptical about the PhysioEntrust run by Dr. Anshul but when started her services I was amazed to see the results. Just a little background, my mother was suffering from foot drop after post spine (Laminectomy L4-L5) surgery and could not move/stand. But looks like god was looking at her pain/lack of mobility and made me choose PhysioEntrust. Here, would like to special mention and thanks to Dr. Hemant Dagar, who not only helped her with Physiotherapy (PT) but motivated her to achieve the state she is in now. She is able to walk with stick now and can say 85% recovered from her post surgery situation in nearly 4months of PT. I am quite hopeful that she will be walking and able to do daily chores in another few months. Thank you Dr. Hemant for bringing this big change in my mother's life. You are passionate, calm and honest about your job which is rarely seen these days. If someone looking for any PT help around me, will definitely recommend you. Thanks Again PhysioEntrust!
rajan goswamirajan goswami
05:52 09 Mar 24
If you are looking for physiotherapist then Dr.Anshul is highly recommended for.She is Good Doctor and her treatment helped me a lot. She is very attentive to patient’s needs, and figured out whats the problem was.I Would never consider going to another physiotherapist.
Devendra SinghDevendra Singh
11:23 05 Mar 24
I visited her for frozen shoulder and went through therapy for 5 days. She is a great doctor who will listen to your problems and recommend you the best solution with her extensive experience.
Mangla NagarMangla Nagar
12:04 17 Jan 24
Very experienced doctor, consultant patient very politely and provide effective treatment. I have proximal humerus fracture on the right side, her treatment plan is very effective, she genuinely care about helping you feel better, not just making money, God bless her. I highly recommend Dr. Anshul Verma.👍
Bishesh JandialBishesh Jandial
09:21 26 Dec 23
I'm thrilled to share my experience with an amazing physiotherapist, Dr. Anshul  especially if you're dealing with lower back pain like I was. Not only is she skilled at what she does, but she also makes sure you only do the sessions you really need. What stood out for me is that she genuinely care about helping you feel better, not just making money. If you're dealing with lower back pain and want a physiotherapist who provides personalized care and effective exercises, I highly recommend Dr. Anshul.


We offer physiotherapy treatments across General/ Neuro/ Ortho/ Chiro/ Pediatrics/ Geriatrics/ Sports related issues covering a wide range of conditions & symptoms

Orthopaedics Physiotherapy

Cervical Spondylosis & Neck Pain

Frozen Shoulder & Joint Pain

Lower Back Pain

Rheumatoid Arthritis


Sciatica Pain

Rotator Cuff Injury & Tennis Elbow

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Hip Pain (bursitis, tendinitis)

Knee Pain (patellofemoral pain syndrome)

Plantar Fasciitis

Hip Impingement

TMJ & PIVD & Herniated discs

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) Injury

Meniscus Tear & Groin Strain

Concussion Management

Strains & sprains

Ligament tears & Tendon injuries

Fractures & Dislocations

Overuse injuries & Joint instability

Muscle contusions & Concussions

Rotator cuff injuries & Meniscus injuries

Cartilage tears & Shin splints

Stress fractures etc

General Rehabilitation

Lower Back Pain

Disc Prolapse

Lumbar Straightening

PIVD (Prolapsed Intervertebral Disc)

Paralysis Rehabilitation

Cerebral Palsy

General Rehabilitation


Post-Surgical Rehabilitation (e.g., knee replacement, hip replacement)

Fracture Rehabilitation

Muscle Strains and Sprains

Fibromyalgia Management

Neurology & Cardio Physiotherapy

Neurological symptoms (Cervical Spondylosis & Disc Prolapse

Cerebral Palsy

Stroke Rehabilitation

Parkinson’s Disease Management

Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation

Peripheral Neuropathy Management

Cardiac Rehabilitation (post-heart attack, bypass surgery)

Hypertension Management through Exercise

Movement Disorders

Balance and Gait Training

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Geriatric Physiotherapy & Wellness Counseling

Fall Prevention and Balance Training

Osteoporosis Management

Arthritis Management for Older Adults

Mobility Enhancement

Pain Management for Age-Related Conditions

Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Work-related injuries

Motor vehicle accident injuries

Paralysis Rehabilitation


Stress Management

Anxiety Disorders

Depression & Sleep Disorders

Gynecology: Prenatal and Postnatal Physiotherapy

Prenatal Exercise and Education

Pelvic Floor Strengthening for Pregnancy and Childbirth Preparation

Low Back Pain Relief during Pregnancy

Diastasis Recti (Abdominal Muscle Separation)

Postpartum Rehabilitation for Pelvic Floor Recovery

C-section Scar Management

Breastfeeding Support and Posture

Pregnancy-Related Musculoskeletal Conditions


FAQs to find answers to common questions about our physiotherapy services, ensuring you're well-informed before starting your journey to better health with PhysioEntrust Clinics.

Advanced physiotherapy at PhysioEntrust Clinics integrates innovative techniques and evidence-based practices to deliver comprehensive care. Our skilled physiotherapists utilize the latest advancements in the field to customize treatment plans tailored to your needs, ensuring optimal outcomes. Compared to other service providers, our commitment to excellence, patient-centered approach, and state-of-the-art facilities set us apart, making PhysioEntrust Clinics the preferred choice for quality physiotherapy services.

At PhysioEntrust Clinics, we offer physiotherapy services for a diverse range of conditions, including musculoskeletal injuries, chronic pain, neurological disorders, and post-surgical rehabilitation. Our approach to personalized care begins with a comprehensive assessment of your condition and individual needs. We then tailor our treatment plans to address your specific goals and preferences, ensuring that you receive the most effective and personalized care possible.

Yes, PhysioEntrust Clinics provides physiotherapy services in the comfort of your own home. This option offers numerous benefits for patients, including convenience, comfort, and reduced travel time. Our experienced physiotherapists bring all necessary equipment and expertise to your doorstep, allowing you to receive quality care in a familiar environment. Whether you have mobility issues, transportation challenges, or simply prefer the convenience of home-based treatment, our physiotherapy at home services are designed to meet your needs.

The number of physiotherapy sessions required varies depending on several factors, including the nature and severity of your condition, your treatment goals, and your response to therapy. During your initial assessment at PhysioEntrust Clinics, our physiotherapist will evaluate your condition and develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. This plan may include an estimated number of sessions based on your individual circumstances. Throughout your treatment journey, we will regularly reassess your progress and adjust your treatment plan as needed to ensure optimal outcomes.

During a session at PhysioEntrust Clinics, you can expect a comprehensive and personalized approach to physiotherapy. Each session may include a combination of manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercises, modalities such as heat or ice therapy, and patient education. Our physiotherapists are trained to assess your condition, identify areas of concern, and develop targeted interventions to address your specific needs and goals. By focusing on evidence-based practices and utilizing the latest treatment techniques, we strive to ensure that each session is effective, beneficial, and tailored to your individual requirements.

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